Understanding Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty can be defined as cosmetic surgical procedure to reshape the nose. This procedure can make your nose smaller or larger depending on your needs. As much as the procedure is cosmetic, you can undergo it if you have medical issues with your nose. For instance, You can correct indentation, nose defects, and correct bumps. Rhinoplasty in San Francisco Bay delivers excellent results and is done by qualified professionals.

If you want a smaller nose, the surgeon can make cuts inside the nostrils to reach the cartilage and bone. The procedure is called closed rhinoplasty. You will not have any visible scar after the procedure. Moreover, this procedure takes minimal time woman smilingunless you have minimal swelling. Therefore, recovery is quite fast.

If it is difficult for the surgeon to carry out closed rhinoplasty, you will need to go for open version. The surgeon will rearrange or remove some bone and cartilage to change the shape of the nose. You can make your nose longer. In this case, the surgeon makes cuts between or inside the nostrils and reshapes the cartilage and bone. In building up the nose, the surgeon may use artificial implants, which are recommended. You should use the bone to reduce the risk of infections.
After the surgery, you will have some splints inside the nostrils. This is necessary to keep nasal bones in the right places. Moreover, you can have bandages that can be removed after a week. The other effect you will experience is a puffed face around the nose and eyes. You should keep the head elevated for some days after surgery. You also need to rest for a couple of weeks before you resume your normal lifestyles. The rhinoplasty on womancost of this procedure varies from one hospital to another. You should also note that price is dependent on the extent of changes that you want.

Facial cosmetic surgery procedures do rhinoplasty or nose job. There are several reasons why people undergo rhinoplasty surgery. The aim of this procedure is to draw attention from the nose towards the eyes. Nasal hump is one of the reasons people undergo rhinoplasty. In fact, it is the main reason people undergo the procedure. A lot of people have convexity or hump of the nasal profile. Surgeons shave down and refine it. The other reason is the wide nose. Some people have a wide nose due bones that are wide in comparison to the other parts of the face. By narrowing these bones, you improve overall facial aesthetics.

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