Key benefits of using an inversion table

Back Pain is something that millions of people suffer from. As a result, a lot of effort has gone into studying this condition, with the aim of coming up with proper solutions in the form of therapies, medications, and equipment. At the moment, medical studies have confirmed that back pain is mainly caused by muscle stress. In addition, medical research has also produced a number of effective treatments, one of which is the inversion therapy.

This therapy involves the use of a special inversion table, with the purpose of inverting the patient’s body from the upright position to a number of different angles. All this is done with the aim of decompressing the spine, stretching the muscles, and relaxing the body. One of the most widely used types of these tables is the ironman inversion table. Whose features and benefits we will cover in this article.

It can relieve back pain

2 men's body illustration The main reason why so many people purchase these inversion tables lies in the fact that it can help them relieve back pain. These tables are among the most effective, non-invasive methods of alleviating or eliminating back pain.

When decompressing the patient’s spine with the help of gravity, an inversion table effectively separates the patient’s vertebrae and improves their spinal health in the process. Keep in mind that it takes only a few minutes a day to get substantial results.

It can alleviate stress

As we have already mentioned, back pain, as well as shoulder and neck pains, are mainly caused by stress and tension. When the muscles are stressed, they can cause spinal alignment problems and make it very difficult for the body to eliminate harmful toxins.

In this case, an inversion table can help by allowing the muscles to relax, which, in turn, causes the stress to basically melt away. Thanks to an improved blood circulation, stress levels only get lower and lower over time.

Joint health

The effects of an inversion table can greatly help in keeping the joints properly lubricated. In addition, these effects can also stimulate the production and distribution of the synovial fluid, which is notable for providing the joint cartilage with essential nutrients. These fluids are very important because they are crucial in improving shock absorption, and with that, joint health. This is especially important for older people, as it can help them maintain a decent level of mobility.

Enhanced blood circulation

With an inversion table, you can also increase the blood flow to your brain, thus providing it with more nutrients and oxygen. As a result, your memory, concentration, clear thinking, and observation skills will get a substantial boost. According to a number of modern studies, it has been proven that our brains actually function better when being in an inverted position. To be precise, they function up to 17% better. it is also worth mentioning that being in an inverted position also allows the stagnant blood to move, which further improves the circulation and the functioning of various organs.

man having back massage

Enhanced flexibility

When our bodies are tense, tight, and stiff, we usually start feeling unhealthy and stagnant. With the help of an inversion table, a patient can make their body more flexible, thus allowing the nutrients and oxygen to move more freely. This way, a patient can effectively avoid balance and mobility issues, which usually leads to all kinds of physical injuries.

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