How To Choose A Quality In Home Senior Care Service

old manThere are many reasons to take a loved elder person to an in home senior care. In comparison with other care systems, in home arrangement is quite convenient for any aged person especially because he/she will be comfortable around family members at home. Such type of care is necessary for those families that are busy most days of the weeks.


The caregiver is specifically trained to help the elderly in daily activities such as washing, bathing, dressing, driving and eating. In addition, overnight services can be offered if the family caters for extra accommodation. However, since the elderly are fragile and they require special attention, it is crucial to know how to identify a highly reputable caregiver service.


Unlike nursing homes, in home care services usually offer non-medical assistance. Although, that does mean that the personal aide should not be trained on how to react during a medical emergency. Matter fact, the care-giver should know the health condition of the senior client and what to do in case of a severe complication.


caregiver with seniorFor instance, if the assisted senior encounters a chock attack, then the care-giver should know the basic first aid procedure since the ambulance may arrive too late. Further, the personal assistant should always remind the client to take his/her medications. Hence, it is important to check whether the caregiver has the appropriate credentials showing if he/she has undergone professional training. Notable, one of the most popular training institutions is the Red Cross which offers a Family Care giving course suitable to help people take care of the disabled and elderly at home.


In Home Nurse Taking Patient's PulseAnother aspect that must be considered when searching for in home senior care service is familiarizing with the relevant law within the state or country. In some countries or states, all senior care givers are required by the law to be licensed and have an insurance cover. Depending on the country, other well known institutions are as the National Association for Home Care and Hospice are responsible for handing out certificates to proficient care givers. Of course, the senior care giving agency must show a patients’ bill of rights to the client detailing what is expected from both the senior and the personal assistant.


Since the care giver is usually around to help around with daily personal activities, the confidentiality of the senior must be maintained. To ensure competency, a supervisor should oversee quality care with a list of reference from previous clients. Additionally, the in home senior care services should always be available for 24 hours and every day of the week.

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